This Christmas at D-AISLE, one of our projects is to visit different residential care and nursing homes to spend quality time with the elderly and those with dementia or similar conditions.

We made a few visits during Easter to some of the homes in Leicestershire.  The reason for these visit is to reassure the residents that we are aware of their plight and we care.  We do this by spending quality time getting to know them, keeping their company and becoming their friends.

We give each home a gift basket, a card and a bouquet of flowers.  This act of caring and giving immediately creates a positive change in the atmosphere and we believe it gives life to our message of love and care.  This gesture is our gift to the secluded.

The proceeds from this sales will be used to sponsor hamper visit  to different nursing and care homes around and within Leicestershire.  With your patronage, we hope to cover a large percentage of these homes all through the Christmas till the 30th of December 2017.

Pick from a variety of hampers displayed below.

Delivery = £3.50 within Leicester.  Order up to 4 or more hampers and we will hand deliver for free.

Orders can be made via email : or text 07459554759.