We are an action for innovative and sustainable leadership (The Aisle)


To see a world where individuals lead in their purpose with no restrictions as to heights, creed, ethnic background or social status.  A world full of stars with equal leadership opportunity.

Aims and Objectives

  • Engage to empower the young and vulnerable within the UK community and in Africa.
  • Provide physical, emotional and psychological support for the widows/widowers and the lonely adults.
  • Raise awareness to parents on what constitute child abuse and the dangers of child abuse.
  • Create an atmosphere for friendship and unity within the Leicestershire communities.
  • Reach out to the youths to bring out the potentials in them. We promote activities that will bring out their hidden talents.
  • Locate, empower (through trainings) and input leadership in the heart of the displaced people and female in Africa.
  • Visit and express compassionate love to the people in nursing and care homes in Leicestershire, UK.